Actress Jane Seymour turns 67 years old on Thursday, Feb. 15 and exclusively tells Closer Weekly magazine that she is feeling better than ever!

“I feel like I’m 40! I’m really healthy, knock wood,” Jane tells Closer. “I think I’m staying so young because I have these grandchildren that keep being given to me, like, ‘Mom, can you take them?’ And I’m happy to!”

Jane’s figure clearly bounced back after the births of children Katherine and Sean Flynn, in 1982 and 1985, respectively, as well as twins Kristopher and John Keach in 1995. At 62, she posed in a hot-pink two-piece swimsuit for an eye-catching Closer cover that had everybody talking — even national news outlets.

“I thought it was funny, especially when it was discussed for three days on CNN,” she tells the mag. “To listen to experts discuss my photographs, I was, like, really? Is there nothing else happening in world news?”

jane seymour closer weekly
Closer Weekly

With her Feb. 15 birthday approaching, “I thought, I’m going to get back into that bikini,” the grandmother-of-six reveals to Closer, adding that her favorite way to celebrate is with close friends and loved ones. “Most of my friends have children and grandchildren, too, and my idea of fun is to have family together.”

For more from Jane, including her opinion on rebooting Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on stands now!