Jane Fonda has bravely opened up about her past struggles with eating disorders.

“My father would send my stepmother to tell me to lose weight and wear longer skirts. One of my stepmothers told me all the ways I’d have to change physically if I wanted a boyfriend,” the 78-year-old actress said of her father, Henry Fonda, in a recent Lenny Letter newsletter.

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Jane and Henry in January 1979.

“Like three of my father’s five wives, I developed an eating disorder (probably to fill the emptiness),” Jane continued. In previous interviews, the Grace & Frankie star revealed she suffered from bulimia beginning at age 12 after her mother, Frances Ford Seymour, sadly committed suicide.

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“When I hit adolescence and the specter of womanhood loomed, all that mattered was how I looked and fit in… I sort of… hollowed out. Almost everything interesting about me scooped itself out and took up residence alongside the empty, disembodied me. It’s hard to be embodied if you hate your body,” she wrote.