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Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew Want Jackson and April Back Together on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

What Grey’s Anatomy fan doesn’t want to see Jackson Avery (played by Jesse Williams) and April Kepner (played by Sarah Drew) get back together? The two doctors have had arguably one of the most tumultuous relationships on the show. Yet, we still root for the friends-turned-lovers because something about their relationship rings true and makes us believe in real love.

“She knows him better than anybody; that’s just a fact,” Jesse told The Hollywood Reporter. “They can run from that and fight against that, but it’s just true. They do have a tremendous love for each other and reliance on each other.”

april jackson grey's anatomy

Jackson and April during Season 10. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But, it wouldn’t be Grey’s without a love triangle. Last season, viewers watched April tell Jackson that Maggie Pierce (played by Kelly McCreary) had feelings for him. Since then there’s been a bit of awkward chemistry between Maggie and Jackson that executive producer Krista Vernoff says will be a significant storyline later this season.

“She named a thing [that] was mostly rooted in her own pain, jealousy and fear, but you can’t put it away once it’s out there,” Vernoff explains to TVLine. “She named a thing that may not have been real, and in naming it, she may have made it a little bit real. So we’re going to get the fun of watching Jackson and Maggie try to navigate what April said. It will be joyful. I’d like to say to the fans that yes, I am aware that Jackson and Maggie’s parents are married to each other, and we are not avoiding that conversation… that story is bringing a lot of comedy and fun to the season.”

Honestly, the idea of Jackson and Maggie dating doesn’t make us want to laugh — it makes us want to cry! We’ve been rooting for Japril since the characters first showed interest in each other seasons ago. We’re not about to give up on them now, and we’re not alone in feeling that way. Sarah admitted that she wants Japril to be the endgame too.

“I’m just always rooting for them to get back together because they’re great and I can’t understand,” she said. “There was stuff that made sense for them to be apart, but now it feels like that’s in the past… Japril forever!” Don’t forget that Jackson is the man who stood up in front of a ton of people to profess his love to April in one of the best Grey’s episodes ever while she was about to marry another man. That kind of love doesn’t come around often!

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