Gladiators, it's time to dig those trench coats out of storage — Scandal is back! The ABC series returned for its seventh and final season — say it isn’t so! — on Thursday, Oct. 5, and, of course, Twitter was abuzz. Just this time, it wasn’t about Olivia Pope, it was all about character Quinn Perkins!

In the Season 6 finale, Quinn revealed her surprise pregnancy to Abby, admitting that she didn’t think she and the baby’s father, Charlie, would make good parents. “People like Charlie, people like me, we're dangerous,” she said at the time, spurring many fans to wonder if she would end the pregnancy. Ultimately, she warmed up to the idea and Charlie seemed excited by the news, so it seemed like she was keeping the baby.

That’s why things were so confusing in the Season 7 premiere. Viewers were disappointed by the lack of Quinn in the episode — and when she was on-screen, the pregnancy was never addressed. Instead, the drama circled around Quinn Perkins & Associates trying to land their first client. The only time the baby was alluded to was when Quinn visited with Olivia, briefly interrupting their conversation for a pee break. Talk about subtle!

As unsatisfying as that might have been, Quinn’s road to motherhood is sure to be a much bigger storyline as the season rolls on. In September, her portrayer, actress Katie Lowes, confirmed as much to Fit Pregnancy. “My Scandal character, Quinn, is pregnant as well, and that’s been the greatest gift ever,” she said at the time. “I think she has the most fun storyline ever — to be a pregnant badass! And it’s a good message for women: Quinn is in the workforce. Quinn is kicking ass. Quinn is taking names and she’s also expecting.”

The actress herself was pregnant during the filming of Season 7, so we should have known they’d write it into the show. Still, the producers chose not to include Kerry Washington’s previous pregnancy — instead, they used big coats and creative camera angles to hide her bump. You never know with Shonda Rhimes and company!

As for Katie, she's no longer pregnant! During the Season 7 premiere, the actress revealed that she and husband Adam Shapiro recently welcomed son Albee. “Baby’s first #Scandal live tweet! Adam and I are thrilled to welcome Albee Shapiro into our family! We’re happy & healthy! #BabyGladiator,” she tweeted.