You likely know Alex Trebek from Jeopardy!and if you don’t, go watch Jeopardy! The game show host has been the frontman on the series since 1984, so it’s hard to imagine him off-set. But when he’s not America’s favorite TV personality, Alex is just your average Joe.

“He’s a devoted, proud father,” a friend revealed. “He’s a quirky dad — that’s what his kids call him. He makes them laugh and is even-tempered at home.” Alex, 78, married his wife of 28 years, Jean Trebek, 55, in 1990, and the two are parents to son Matthew, 28, and daughter Emily, 25.

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Believe it or not, Alex is happiest when he’s away from the spotlight and he really cherishes his time at home in his own world. “If you move anything out of place, he lets you know about it,” his mother, Lucille, shared. He even color codes his hangers and clothes!

But even though he’s extremely tidy at home, he likes to relax and be casual at times too. Although his wife noted that “people think he goes to bed in a suit,” (seriously, have you ever seen him in anything but?), it turns out the dad-of-two likes to wear jeans and a tool belt while hanging at his California estate.

“Audiences are always surprised when they discover that I’m not a nerdy person. I like to fix things around the house,” Alex said. “I got it working properly. That’s what gives me pleasure: fixing things.” And he appreciates how tranquil it is. “Alex likes to say peace of mind, a quiet mind, little drama, that’s what keeps him young,” a friend of his shared.

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Perhaps that’s why Alex has been vocal in the past about his desires to retire from Jeopardy! when he turns 80 in 2020. “He wants to travel with Jean and the kids,” a pal revealed. “He loves Italy and wants to spend more time in Tuscany.”

But he’ll say goodbye to the long-running series with gratitude. “All I want on my last show is 30 seconds [to say], ‘Hey, folks, thank you. Been good run and all good things must come to an end,’” Alex shared. “Then I’ll move on.”

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