All you folks who adore Love Actually may not be fans of what one of the film’s stars has to say about it.

It’s been 15 years since Love Actually was released (it’s as old as Elf), and even though it’s been some time, the movie is still as popular as ever, as it continues to a holiday favorite for many people. But Hugh Grant, who played the Prime Minister in the 2003 classic, is still scratching his head as to why people still enjoy the movie. “I don’t know why Love Actually is still so popular,” the 58-year-old told Daily Mail. “Everyone watches it at Christmas, which is nice… Do I remember anything from filming? I mean, there was the horror of that scene where I had to dance around…” Need a reminder?

“I suspect that was the most excruciating scene ever committed,” Hugh added. “It wasn’t easy for an Englishman in his 40s to do at 7 in the morning, stone-cold sober.” Even though Hugh, who also starred in other classic romantic comedies like Notting HillFour Weddings and a Funeral, and Nine Months, has steered clear of those types of movies in the latter part of his career, he is sill “very proud” of his work in those roles. Hugh stated in a recent interview that he is thankful that being “old and wrinkly” has led him to get offered different projects.

Love Actually
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Love Actually included a cast of fantastic actors like Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, and Keira Knightly. And while fans of this film won’t likely see a sequel to it, at least you’ll be able to see a sequel to Four Weddings and a Funeral soon. Well, sort of. Director Richard Curtis recently said, “I’m quite excited because we are doing a twelve-minute film of Four Weddings and a Funeral twenty-five years later.” Richard added, “It’s going to have in it all the original cast — Andie MacDowell, John Hannah, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant. And then there’s going to be a couple of younger people because twenty-five years have passed and it’s a wedding.”

Hey, we’re looking forward to that. Just make sure Hugh isn’t forced to dance.