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Take an Inside Look at the ‘House of Night’ TV Show, Based on the Bestselling Vampire Book Series

Let’s face it: Vampires aren’t going anywhere. Yes, they may rise and fall like the sun, going through different ebbs and flows over the decades, but they’ve never really been gone. In fact, this horror sub-genre, a favorite of Classic TV and old and new Hollywood alike, remains enormously popular and always has been, whether you’re talking about Dracula in all his incarnations, Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows, Angel and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Edward Cullen from The Twilight Saga or, now, Zoey Redbird, the fledgling vampire at the center of the House of Night book series that is currently being adapted into a TV show by the folks behind Shadowhunters.

House of Night is a series of 12 novels from mother-and-daughter writing team P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, which postulates that there is a small percentage among the world’s teenagers, who, when their adolescent hormones kick in, activate something known as Junk — or non-coded — DNA, which begins them on their journey to become vampires (or vampyres, as they’re known in the books).

Courtesy Daniel Stark/Stark Photography

When this happens, those teens must attend a “House of Night” boarding school, where they learn exactly how to live as a vampire and survive this transformation. One in 10 can’t handle the change and end up dying but, for the rest, as P.C. has explained it, there is a great reward: They’re stronger than most humans, have heightened senses, accelerated reflexes and live more than five centuries.

“OK, just bear with me on this,” laughs P.C. during an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, “but I have always thought that young adults are kind of like vampires. They believe they’re immortal, right? Because you do believe you’re immortal when you’re a teenager. They also all want to be special, they all want to be the brightest and most beautiful about something, whether it’s on the football field or in a drama class or just the fashion parade going on every day in school. I think that they identify very closely with beings that are ‘extra’ in different ways, including their emotions. Because when you deal with vampires, you’re also dealing with a lot of passions that come to the forefront. Blood passion, blood lust and that type of thing. And, of course, hormones in teenagers are going crazy and they’re dealing with their own passions. So I just have always thought that it’s a very close identification between young adults and paranormal beings like vampires.”

For more with P.C. Cast and David Cormican, who is producing the series along with Don Carmody, please scroll down.