On Dec. 11, Kathie Lee Gifford came out of nowhere and told everyone that she had decided to leave the Today show after being a part of it for 11 years. Of course people were shocked to hear the news. But there was one person that wasn’t completely shocked: Kathie’s co-host Hoda Kotb. And that’s mainly because Kathie told Hoda all about her decision ages ago.

On today’s episode of…well…Today, the 65-year-old confessed that Hoda’s known her secret, saying, “Hoda’s known it for a long, long time. All these other projects have been bubbling up…and it’s so exciting. Movies and music and so many wonderful things. And I need the time for them to do them properly.” Kathie also said that she felt “relieved” once she told everyone the news, adding that she knew “it was coming for a long, long time.”

But Kathie wasn’t done revealing stuff as she also said that she was hoping to leave in 2017, but that was put on pause after the craziness with Matt Lauer occurred. “I went to our bosses here, actually almost two years ago,” Kathie recall. “And said, ‘I’m going to do one more year with Hoda woman. I’ll go out. I’ll retire with 10, a nice round number, 10 years with my sun goddess from Egypt.’ And so, that was the arrangement until we had some turmoil here in our midst.” But who will be drinking wine with Hoda now, Kathie? Tell us, damn it!

Hoda and Katie
Getty Images

“We do life and nobody more than my Hoda. It’s going to be the same as my Regis,” Kathie said. “I’m closer to him now more than after 15 years together. You don’t share that life together and not be changed forever by it. I love you, Hoda mama. First, you were just Hoda, remember?” Kathie out here hitting us right in the feels. Who expects to cry so early in the morning? Well, the majority of us do when we get out of bed and realize we have to go to work.

But don’t you all worry, because we will still all have about four more months of watching Hoda and Kathie get drunk off wine and talk about the latest events in news and popular culture. Which sounds exactly what the rest of us already do in our lives.

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