Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a shocking admission at a car dealers’ conference this past Monday: she hasn’t driven a car since 1996!

The 66-year-old was speaking at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in New Orleans when she confessed her lack of recent driving experience.

“The last time I actually drove a car myself was 1996,” the former first lady told the audience.

“And I remember it very well, and so does the Secret Service, which is why I haven’t driven since then,” joked Clinton.

Frankly, she hasn’t needed to get behind the wheel because Clinton has had Secret Service protection since she became first lady in 1993, which includes a constant chauffeur.

But the politician admitted she missed life in the driver’s seat. “I’ve always enjoyed stories about cars and adventure,” Clinton said. “And I have to confess that one of the greatest disappointments about my public life is that I cannot drive anymore.

She jokingly added, “and my husband thinks that’s a blessing. But he’s the one who should talk.”

It is common for American political leaders to be driven around for their protection. Barack Obama is believed not to have stepped behind the wheel since a 2010 photo-op with a Chevy Volt. He claims to want to buy a hybrid once his term is up.

But other countries appear to be more lax in their driving regulations for their heads of state. Queen Elizabeth is often seen driving a Range Rover around her Scottish estate, and Prince William drove Kate Middleton on their wedding day and took the wheel when leaving the hospital after the birth of their son.

Though Clinton doesn’t have to worry about road roles, she has discussed how her planned energy policies would help those struggling with increasing gas prices.

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