Do you love truTV's Hack My Life as much as we do?! For three amazing seasons, co-hosts Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen have literally changed our lives by giving us the most genius (seriously, they're so good!) hacks ever. Scroll down to see our 10 all-time favorite hacks from Hack My Life!

The "My Plants Are Always Dying" Hack

Let's be real — everyone loves having live plants at home but no one wants to spend the time taking care of them. So, when you forget to water your plants for the zillionth time, turn to this super-smart hack to ensure that ficus tree you keep in the corner of your living room keeps kickin' for years to come.

The "Hangers Ruin My Sweaters" Hack

Ok, we know the best way to store a sweater is by folding it — but what if you just really want to hang it in your closet instead? Thankfully, Kevin and Brooke figured out a perfect way to hang a sweater without causing unsightly lumps in the shoulders. How have we lived without this knowledge before now?!

The "I Make a Mess While Shaving" Hack

Beautiful beards may be "in," but littering your bathroom with tiny hairs (ew) everytime you give your beard a trim is not. So, the next time you get out the clippers, use this genius hack to keep your sink and vanity hair-free!

The "My Neighbors Are Way Too Loud" Hack

Have you ever lived next door to someone who seems to have absoluately no regard for the amount of noise they make on a daily basis? Don't worry, you're not alone and Kevin and Brooke have the most perfect (and totally sneaky) solution to this annoying problem ever.

The "My Pants Are Too Tight" Hack

Listen, we've all been there. Whether it's an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner or, frankly, just a pizza and beer-filled Friday night out with friends, everyone has experienced the dreaded moment where you just need to unbutton your pants after an evening of over-eating. Thankfully, Kevin and Brooke have given us a super-easy hack to expand your pants' waist with just one rubber band. The best!

The "My Necklaces Are Totally Tangled" Hack

Necklaces are the best accessory ever until they become a tangled mess and then you just want nothing to do with them ever again, right?! Lucky for you, unknotting a necklace has never been easier with this storage hack. You're welcome!

The "I Ran out of Hard Taco Shells" Hack

Taco Tuesday just isn't the same if you're craving a hard shell taco but only have soft shells left in your pantry. Ugh, the struggle. But Kevin and Brooke once brought us a genius oven hack to make hard shell tacos in a pinch! Life = made.

The "A Wine Stain Ruined My Shirt" Hack

We've all experienced the moment where your favorite new top is suddenly ruined by a red wine stain. Seriously, is anything more tragic?! Interestingly, there's one ingredient you probably have lying around your house that'll remove that stain in a jiffy — so cool!

The "My Fave Potato Chips Are Stale" Hack

Nothing is worse than sitting down to watch some TV and realizing your favorite afternoon snack — potato chips, duh! — suddently went stale in your cupboard. But fear not, couch potatoes (pun intended!) because this hack will bring your chips back to life faster than you can decide what to watch on Netflix.

The "My Countertops Are Too Crowded" Hack

Sometimes you find yourself at home on a Friday night suddently pretending you're a professional chef and then realize you simply do not have enough counter space in your kitchen to adequately show off your best cooking skills. Thankfully, extra countertops can be easily created with this amazing at-home hack — what a relief!