Our favorite show is (almost) back! ABC released the Season 14 Grey’s Anatomy trailer on Thursday, Sept. 21 and, honestly, the video made us even more excited for new episodes than we were before!

The trailer gives fans a glimpse into what we can expect during the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s nothing short of dramatic! If only our favorite character, Derek Shepherd, was returning to give us more of his amazing quotes. The new clip definitely didn’t disappoint as it showed so many character reunions that we seriously can’t wait to see on the small screen when Grey’s returns on Thursday, Sept. 28. Watch the trailer in the video below!

The first episode looks like it is setting the groundwork for a not one, but two love triangles. The first between Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo), Nathan Riggs, and his long lost love Megan Hunt. Last season we found out that she was alive and was returning to the US. Well, she has arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial and is interested in whether Nathan and Meredith are a couple (and we are too honestly).

Next, we see a quick shot of Maggie Pierce and Jackson Avery hinting that the two may explore a romance in upcoming episodes. While a Maggie/Jackson relationship seemed a bit strange at first — especially since Jackson seemed to want to get back together with ex April Kepner last season — we’re, frankly, totally hoping they’re an item now!

We also get a glimpse at the much-awaited Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman reunion in the video. Teddy (played by Kim Raver) is returning to Grey’s in Season 14 for the first time since 2012’s Season 8. Though we hope Owen and his wife, Amelia Shepherd, are able to work out their marriage issues this season, we’re so glad Hunt has his BFF back and love seeing them together. We also see two quick shots of Alex Karev and Jo Wilson, hinting that their relationship may (finally!) be back on track in this new season. We can’t wait for Grey’s to return in just a few days!

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