Get well soon, Lara Spencer!

The Good Morning America star will undergo hip replacement surgery this weekend, Lara revealed during an emotional segment on the daytime talk show on Thursday, Aug. 11.

"A few months ago, I found out that what I thought was just a strained muscle was actually a symptom of something a lot more serious. In a couple of days, I will have to have my entire right hip replaced. It was a shock to hear and a decision that took me quite some time to accept,” the 47-year-old shared.

Lara has been extremely active throughout her life, which is why she has been in denial about her condition. "I waited for a long time before I did anything about it or told anybody because it sounds like it’s an old person’s problem, and I just couldn’t believe it,” she added. “It was so upsetting."

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“I'm terrified,” Lara admitted. "It was embarrassing to share, and then I realized there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have a genetic predisposition for this, but if you’re athletic and you move, it’s happening younger and younger.”