Longtime lovers Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were the epitome of togetherness on Sunday, Feb. 7 — Super Bowl Sunday — as they cheered on the victorious Denver Broncos from their living room.

Goldie tweeted a short video of the now clean-shaven Hateful Eight star grinning in a Broncos shirt and crowing, “That’s right! That’s right!” Another video showed Goldie, in a sexy white tank top and short-shorts, jumping in celebration as Kurt laughs. “Champagne time!” she wrote. “Kurt is out of his mind happy!”

Goldie and Kurt have been together for 32 years and though they’ve never married, the couple have one of the most successful relationships in Hollywood. But their road to bliss has been a bumpy one, filled with jealousy and betrayals that threatened to destroy their relationship.

goldie hawn kurt russell getty images

Kurt and Goldie in 1989.

Now, with the actress set for a career comeback — she’s locked into her first movie role in nearly 15 years — insiders share all the details of their unconventional relationship, and how they will survive the impending challenge of Goldie’s absence as she returns to work in front of the camera.

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Insiders say Goldie and Kurt have an “open” relationship, and that the actress embraces the arrangement. “Goldie’s thoughts are that if you want to keep your man for decades, like she has, you give them space to be men,” explains a friend of the couple. “Which includes being with other women.” It’s also part of the reason they never wed.

goldie hawn and kurt russell

Kurt and Goldie in 2013.

“They’re both old hippies at heart,” says the friend. “Neither of them feel that a piece of paper or a rabbi saying, ‘I now pronounce you…’ really matters.” Even Goldie has admitted, “A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage, it’s about compatibility and communication.”

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