As the star of 1963’s The Birds, Tippi Hedren is no stranger to dangerous animals. Now she welcomes them into her home — caring for 40 lions, tigers, cougars, leopards and other wildlife at the exotic Shambala Reserve where she lives.

It was another film about beasts, the self-financed 1981 thriller Roar, costarring daughter Melanie Griffith, that led her to convert the set’s double-wide trailer into a home back in 1983.

Driven to help the wild animals featured in that film, she turned the 80-acre Acton, California set into a reserve and sold her Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks and Palm Springs homes to keep it all going — an effort that requires $75,000 a month in donations.

tippi hedren

But the 84-year-old reveals to Closer, “I wouldn’t want to live anyplace else!”

To improve the views of her reserve, Tippi added the raintree room (with an actual tree growing in it) and the master bedroom, making the house into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1800-square-foot sanctuary.

tippi hedren

And boy is the master hard to miss! “I said, ‘I want a bright red bedroom!’” she recalls. “The color is called ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous,’ and I think it is.”

tippi hedren

It’s the perfect place for Tippi to rest after a long day of taking care of her animals or hosting overnight guests.

“Melanie thinks I’m crazy. She’s often said, ‘Mom, why don’t you sell this? You work so hard to keep it going,’” Tippi concludes, with a sigh. “But she knows how much it means to me.”