He’s a growing boy for sure — but still a mama’s boy! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Giuliana Rancic opened up about her and Bill Rancic‘s five-year-old son, Duke, and shared probably one of the most relatable mom stories EVER.

“He’s so cute! He just had his fifth birthday and he’s just amazing. He’s such a good boy,” she said as she teamed up with the NFL to show fans how they can bring the rituals and traditions of a tailgate to the comfort of their homes with the NFL Homegating collection.

“Just today, I was watching his basketball class — and Bill and I were both there, we were like, peaking in through the window so he wouldn’t see us. Bill was like, ‘Don’t let him see you because then he’ll want to come out,’ and of course, he sees me from across the court and instead of running out, he’s just such a big boy, I was putting one finger up like, ‘Just wait, keep playing!’ And he’s looking at me and he totally knew what I was saying and then started waving and blowing kisses for the last 10 minutes of class.” AW!

G continued, “He was dribbling then stopped, looked at me, and starts blowing kisses and waving — it was just the cutest thing. He’s such a sweet soul and such a good, nice little boy. To us, that’s all that matters. We just want to raise a nice human being. A nice, sweet person and he’s so good with people, he loves everyone, he’s just a really sweet guy so we couldn’t be happier.”

The former E! News anchor — who recently a new line of Prosecco, called Giuliana Prosecco — couldn’t be more excited to have partnered up with the NFL for this campaign. “When the NFL calls, I pick up!” she joked. “I like the idea of homegating, where you can basically bring the celebration, the rituals, the traditions of tailgating to the comfort of your home and I’m all about that. I love fashion, I love decor — so the fact that I got to work with the NFL and come up with fun ideas to homegate was just such a pleasure.”

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