George Hamilton and Alana Stewart are together again!

After being divorced for 40 years, the pair talk to Closer Weekly about what it is like to reunite — this time with their extended, blended family for E!’s reality series, Stewarts & Hamiltons.

George explains he had some reservations at first about airing his life on TV, “I was worried about all the dangers that surround a reality show for a family,” he reveals. “I was terribly worried that we would start to become something we were not.”

george hamilton and alana stewart

George and Alana in April 1973.

Fortunately for George, what the reality series really shows is how close the family is, especially Alana and George. “George and I have a really unusual relationship,” Alana tells Closer. “There’s a real deep love between us.”

“With Alana, I feel like there’s bedrock there,” George tells Closer. “We’ve stood the test of time.”

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George’s long bond with Alana has remained among the strongest of his 75 years. “You don’t get stuck in the elevator of life together and forget it… it stays with you.”

Might the new show bring them back together for more romance? “Well,” George tells Closer, “we’ve gone through the romance, we’ve gone through the business and what we’ve come to is an incredible friendship. Why would you wanna go and put a title to it?”

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