In response to “Gravity” costar Sandra Bullock’s assertion that she’s not physically attracted to the 52-year-old, the famed bachelor is fighting back…with humor!

"She may say that she's not all that attracted to me, but she calls every night, three in the morning, drunk, 'Hey, George, what are you doing?'" he joked to Entertainment Tonight at the Britannia Awards on Saturday. "[It's] non-stop. And then I just send her a bottle of tequila."

George is referring to comments made by close friend Sandra on the U.K. morning show “Daybreak” on Nov. 6. “He’s not everyone’s cup of tea,” the 49-year-old said on the show. “We've known each other for so long, sexy is gone. Not that he's not sexy because he is very, very handsome."

The Oscar winner than jokingly added, “If you like that kind of dashing, charming, smart, talented, successful kind of thing.” Um, sounds like the perfect formula to us Sandra!