She’s been acting for over 40 years, but don’t mention the word retirement to Frances Fisher, because she isn’t exactly ready to go down that route quite yet.

“Retiring? What would I do? (laughs) You mean not work?” the 66-year-old exclusively told Closer Weekly recently. She continued, “As an actress, I work and then I don’t work a lot so every time I wrap a job, I figure I’m in retirement. I’m unemployed until I get my next job so that is like a retirement and I do many things in between my work assignments — lot of activism.”

France Fisher
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She added, “I’m a grandmother for the first time and I spend a lot of time when I can with my grandson. But the whole idea of retirement like what does that mean? The old fashioned thing that my parents grew up with, it’s like okay you stop work at 65 because you’ve worked all your life and you get to stop and then you get to sit around and smell the roses. I think that a lot of times … it’s just different now the idea of retirement for most people because people have different types of jobs, people work two jobs. I don’t know if anybody can afford to retire.”

The Unforgiven costar is by far most known for her role as Ruth Dewitt Bukater in the 1997 classic Titanic. She even happened to mention her experience working on the film.

Frances Fisher
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“I loved it. I loved working with [director] James Cameron. I loved all the actors I worked with,” she recalled. “I made fast friends and longtime friendships. It was an extraordinary experience because the scope of the film was so big and the attention to detail — the authenticity down to the buttons on our corsets. It was just an amazing ride, and something I’ll always treasure.”

And while that is her most famous role, Francis did reveal it doesn’t top her list. “I have fond memories of many roles I’ve played but I don’t really have a favorite,” she said. “All those women are an aspect of my personality and I cherish all of them.”

Frances currently stars in Run the Race, Executive Produced by Tim Tebow and Robby Tebow, in theaters now.