While talking to Closer Weekly, Fran Drescher gives an update on her current dating life, and explains how she felt more empowered after her 2016 separation from politician Shiva Ayyadurai.

“I am putting my trust in the universe that when I’m supposed to meet somebody, I will,” Fran tells Closer. “I have six S’s: sexy, smart, successful, single, straight, and sane!”

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“Since the demise of my second marriage [I had to] truly learn to love myself,” she tells the magazine. “I was still trying to fill my voids through relationships, and then ultimately I’d get disappointed.”

The former star of the 1993 until 1999 sitcom The Nanny has put two big breakups and a 2000 uterine cancer battle behind her, all of which taught her valuable lessons that shaped what she wants for her future. As she told Closer exclusively, “I started to find who I was and become more empowered.”

But Fran hasn’t given up on finding love. “I do a little bit of online dating,” she admits. “Just recently I did, and we went out for tea. But then he didn’t say, let’s get together!” Still, if she doesn’t always have luck, “It’s OK!” she insists. When guys don’t follow up, “I don’t take it personally. Everything is an opportunity on my journey to self-refinement.”

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