So cringe-worthy!

Dancing With the Stars pro Lindsay Arnold and her partner — former MLB star David Ross — are still in the running for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, but that doesn’t mean that they’re exempt from going through an embarrassing moment! During their rehearsals for this week’s routine, Lindsay accidentally let a fart loose — right front of David’s face!

For this week’s routine, the dancing duo performed a Sci-Fi-themed salsa routine for the “Night at the Movies” episode of ABC’s hit dance competition series. But the dance moves were a little complicated, as they involved the 40-year-old lifting Lindsay up over his shoulder and then holding her up as she holds a cartwheel.

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The former Chicago Cubs catcher was a little rusty and he accidentally dropped Lindsay on the floor during rehearsal. When she got back up to try the move again, she accidentally let one rip — and the pair fell to the floor, laughing.

“David dropped me on my butt and then my butt was mad at him — it was just payback,” the 23-year-old laughed.

They were able to laugh it off and get back to work practicing their routine — and it definitely paid off! They received a score of 32/40 and they were safe from elimination that night, and they even got some encouragement from guest judge Mandy Moore.

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“Nothing solidifies a great partnership like a toot to the face,” the actress said after watching their package.

Even though it’s kind of gross, it does seem true! Team Lady and the Gramp have great chemistry onstage, and Lindsay said it’s because they’ve been spending a lot of time bonding together since the competition started.

“We’ve gotten so close to each other,” she told Fox News, “and I think even if we didn’t want to have fun together, it would be impossible.”