Talk about a power couple! On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw happily announced that their joint concert tour, Soul2Soul, is coming back in 2018— and we can’t wait to see the country duo back in action again next year!

“We are so excited to announce that we are bringing #Soul2Soul back in 2018! ?,” Faith captioned a video of clips from their concerts this past year. Tim added, “Big news today! We’ll see you on the road in 2018! #Soul2Soul!” The tour’s website shared that it’d extend with 25 new dates after more than 80 sold out shows around the country.

The duo just finished up the 2017 Soul2Soul tour, which started in New Orleans on April 7 and ended in Brooklyn, NY on Oct. 27. That was Faith and Tim’s third tour together, and it also marked their first joint tour in a decade! This upcoming tour will be their fourth together — so cool!

Fans of Faith and Tim couldn’t contain their excitement on Instagram. One user wrote, “I actually have goosebumps ahhh so good!!” Another added, “I’m soooo excited! I thought I missed my chance.” One gushed, “Such a beautiful couple! I get chills every time I hear you sing together!” So do we…

This exciting news comes just weeks after Tim and Faith announced their first-ever joint album together on their 21st wedding anniversary! “It’s hard to believe our first album together is going to be here Nov. 17th!” Faith wrote on Instagram at the time. Tim added, “We appreciate all our fans and thank you for being a part of our journey!” Here’s hoping we get to hear some of their new songs on their upcoming tour beause let’s be real, we’ll be right in the front row watching.