As children swarmed around her at a YMCA in Burbank, Calif., Eva Longoria shared her love for kids but admits she doesn’t think she’ll have any of her own.

“It’s just not in my future,” the 39-year-old revealed at Brita’s Help Kids Choose Water event, which celebrated the company’s donation of water filtration pitchers to YMCAs all over the country.

The actress, who was previously married twice before, explained why she decided to get involved with the campaign.

“I love [kids’] energy and spirit and innocence,” she said. “It’s really important for us to be here today to talk to them about water because that stays with them. Water’s the original energy drink. Water is really good for you. Water can be fun.”

eva longoria

With a station set up where they could make their own fruit-flavored water, the kids were clearly having a blast.

And besides the importance of hydration, the Desperate Housewives star also shared her secrets to staying fit.

“I run a lot. I’m a big runner. And I do yoga,” she shared. “So, I just alternate. Run, yoga, run, yoga. I do weight training as well.”

But Eva wouldn’t dream of using plastic water bottles during her workouts. “So many end up in the ocean so I’ve banned them from the house,” she told People magazine.