Well, this is interesting. Erinn Hayes was sadly fired from Kevin Can Wait following the culmination of the hit CBS sitcom’s first season in May — and now she’s awkwardly liking a bunch of tweets from fans who are boycotting the hit show after her departure.

One fan wrote, “Love you… our book club quotes “gots to go” all the time and think of you… we are all tuning out of Kevin Can Wait. Another added, “Miss you on Kevin Can Wait. It’s not fair you’re no longer there.”

And when many past viewers claimed they aren’t watching the sitcom anymore, Erinn couldn’t help but give the tweets a big red heart. One wrote, “Guess who isn’t watching a certain show on TV anymore? And who wants to know the minute you get a better gig?” Another added, “Absolutely crap. Loved yours and Kevin’s interaction on the show. Won’t be watching any longer don’t like the King of Queens galded.”

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Erinn and Kevin on Kevin Can Wait. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Erinn, 41, previously confirmed via Twitter that she was removed from the cast after appearing on just one season of Kevin Can Wait. “True, I’ve been let go from the show. Very sad, I had a great experience [on] Season 1. Thank you for all the support from our wonderful fans,” she wrote. And the show’s executive producer recently revealed why main character Donna Gable was suddenly killed off in the series’ storyline.

“The goal was to give [Kevin James‘ character Kevin Gable] a real drive and a real predicament [involving] how a family comes back together [after his wife’s death]. Also, out of respect for the character of Donna — and certainly the way that Erinn Hayes portrayed her — it seemed like the only right and fair way to treat her character,” Rob Long told TV Line back in August.

At the time or Erinn’s shocking firing, CBS sources claimed the show was simply moving in a “new creative direction” and her exit from the series was “not a reflection” of her performance. When asked if adding Leah Remini to Kevin Can Wait was the network’s way of essentially making a King of Queens reboot, Thom Sherman replied, “I don’t think so. The show speaks for itself and stands for itself. Obviously, the chemistry [between Kevin and Leah] was amazing in the [Kevin Can Wait Season 1] episodes.”

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Leah and Kevin on Kevin Can Wait. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

After Leah became a Season 2 regular following Erinn’s departure, she was blamed for Erin’s exit from the series. Leah took to Twitter to defend the show’s Season 2 premiere in late September, which angered fans because the episode didn’t exactly address how Kevin’s wife died.

One fan wrote, “Still disgusted with #KevinCanWait. Season 1 was so good. I hope Season 2 bombs and gets canceled. @KevinJames @LeahRemini @KevinCanWaitCBS.” Leah replied, “How do you really feel? I feel like you are sugar-coating it.” Another user added, “I am all about your Scientology crusade. Classless that you hurt another actress when you don’t need the money. Sh—y girl-code,” to which Leah replied, “1. I didn”t make that decision 2. It’s a sitcom [and] it isn’t that deep 3. She is on another show 4. Real things are going on in the world.”

Fans are still determined to learn how Kevin’s wife died. When someone asked Leah online, she wrote back, “I don’t know honey. I don’t write or produce the show. But it’s a good idea to answer that in the future.” When other users suggested Erinn’s firing was a good thing, Leah stuck up for her by saying, “She is lovely and funny. And I was looking forward to working with her again. She is on another show on Amazon. So blessings to us all.”

As for Leah and Kevin, the longtime friends both seem happy to be working together again! “We’re always in touch. She’s in my life forever. I can’t get rid of her!” Kevin told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year. “It was cool reuniting the two characters,” Leah has said of her prior guest-star stint on Kevin Can Wait. During a recent sit-down with Stephen Colbert on [The Late Show with Stephen Colbert](https://www.youtube.com/watch?timecontinue=1&v=DkwwU14W3ug)_, the actress dished on her Season 2 role on the series. “At the end of his first season, I played [Kevin’s] ex-partner. We were cops together, we were detectives together. So I just come back as that character,” Leah said of playing Vanessa. “I loved [being reunited with Kevin]. It’s an amazing feeling.” We’re excited to see what the rest of Season 2 will bring!