Emma Thompson presented the award for Best Screenplay at this year’s Golden Globes, and as always, the Brit was charming!

The actress carried her heels on-stage instead of wearing them, joking that her Louboutins’ famous red sole was actually her blood!

emma thompson

We don’t blame her for taking these off!

She also had a cocktail in her hand the whole time!

The “Saving Mr. Banks” star seemed to be having a swell time and quickly ditched her heels when she couldn’t find the envelope containing the winner. But luckily for her, that’s why they have a Miss Golden Globe!

She also made a correction to the teleprompter script, saying, “I present the nominees, well, not me the Voice of God, for Best Screenplay.” And then she gladly sipped her drink!

We love you Ms. Thompson, don’t ever change!

emma thompson