It's no wonder that no one believes Ellen DeGeneres' age. The iconic TV host has always looked so vibrant and youthful throughout her successful career. But the beloved celebrity turned 60 on January 26 — and even she said for herself on her Twitter page that she couldn't believe it.

How does Ellen DeGeneres look so young?

If you ask Ellen herself, she'll likely say, "I don't know," like she did in an interview with Good Housekeeping. Some fans might think that the secret to her youthfulness must lie in her diet, since she's one of the most famous vegans out there. But she has said, "I can't credit that, because up until I was 50 I was eating meat all the time. I guess it's that I take care of myself and I work out." Considering how crazy-packed her schedule is, we're sure self-care and activity are more important now than ever before.

How does Ellen DeGeneres stay fit?

Knowing Ellen, she doesn't seem like the type to take on a boring workout routine. We don't know about you, but we have a hard time picturing her walking mindlessly on a treadmill. She once dished to Shape, "I first started doing power yoga in LA, which really makes no sense. Power yoga? It’s the opposite of what it should be. Yoga should calm you down!" But other than yoga, she also stays fit by doing routines like crunches, which sometimes get interrupted by her adorable dogs.

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What does Ellen DeGeneres do for beautiful skin?

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who has worked with Ellen many times on ad campaigns and photoshoots, has said in an interview, "Ellen's skin has a natural glow already, so she doesn't need much makeup." We can't deny that the star is very blessed to look good without needing an over-the-top beauty routine — talk about good genetics!

But we think her best anti-aging advice — for skin and beyond — just might be what she said in a campaign for CoverGirl. "Nothing makes you look younger than a smile, and being happy," she said. "If you look at babies, they're always smiling and laughing, and their skin is flawless." Amen to that, Ellen!

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