During the 1980s, Elle Macpherson — aka “The Body” — was a fashion industry icon.

And now, Elle, 50, is opening up about her past supermodel days in a revealing new interview, admitting the job wasn’t always so glamorous!

“It was pretty toxic and iconic,” the mom-of-two confessed in a live appearance on Australia’s ‘The Project’ on Thursday, Jan. 22. “I was 20 and living in New York City and traveling the world and making money.”

elle macpherson 1987

Elle modeling in 1987.

Throughout the ’80s, Elle became close with fellow supermodels Cindy Crawford, 48, Naomi Campbell, 44, and Christy Turlington, 46.

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“We learned a lot from photographers or artists that would drop by at the studios and I invested in art,” she said of the time she spent with her friends between photoshoots.

elle macpherson body

Elle showed off her impressive bikini body while on vacation in July 2014.

Today, Elle is putting her jet-setting days of working as a supermodel behind her to focus her career on healthy living business ventures. Last year alone, she reportedly earned $30 million through the launch of her WellCo health supplements line.

“[Wellbeing is all about] great sleep, no sugar cravings, feeling vital, feeling inspired and feeling energetic and nourished,” she told ‘The Project.’ “I believe wellness and beauty go together.”