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Spooky!See Drew Barrymore and More of Your Favorite Halloween Movie Stars Then and Now

Remember Drew Barrymore‘s famous opening scene in the hit 1996 slasher flick Scream? Believe it or not, she’s far from the only A-list celeb to have appeared in a Halloween movie back in the day!

And with the holiday right around the corner, we’re taking a look back at some of the flicks that have made lasting impressions on Halloween-lovers for years — especially Scream! Drew (or shall we say Casey Beeker) previously opened up about her cameo on the thriller. If you can recall (spoiler alert), Drew was killed off at the very beginning of the movie, which was rare because A-listers usually didn’t die early on in horror films at the time. “The genre had been quiet for a while,” Drew once told The Huffington Post.

The scene was very extreme, and it took several days of shooting to get it perfect. During each take, Drew had to be crying and yelling, and they filmed it at night. “It was intense,” she said. “I remember driving home the night I wrapped and I was beat. I was exhausted.”

Despite only getting a few minutes of fame on the thriller, Drew can’t help but gush about her role in the movie. “It was so well-written that it was ours to mess up,” she once said. “I remember reading it at home at night alone, and I was so upset. I was so flipped out. I can’t believe there wasn’t a cover letter that said, ‘Don’t read this alone if you’re a girl.’ I was like, ‘Seriously, this is irresponsible.’ I was terrified. I was so messed up, but I thought, ‘God, if it’s that good in the writing, can you imagine how good it will be when it comes to life?’ In a movie where I knew there was going to be a lot of tongue-in-cheek, I wanted it to seem very real and high-stakes.” Now we’re due for a viewing of Scream!

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