In the new issue of Closer Weekly – on newsstands now – Doris Day sits down for a rare, intimate interview as she approaches her 90th birthday on April 3rd.

Although she retired in 1973, the actress is as popular as ever. “Would you believe I’m still offered scripts and projects all the time?” Doris tells Closer in an exclusive interview at her cliffside estate in beautiful Carmel, Calif.

“Every once in a while I think about working again, but they don’t make the kind of movies I made anymore! It’s a different world.”

But that doesn’t mean Doris has been kicking back and taking it easy in recent years.

“My days are busy responding to the huge volume of mail I receive,” she tells Closer. “I’m still floored by all the beautiful, heartwarming letters from people all over the world, telling me that my work somehow touched their lives.”

doris day

Doris in 1953’s Calamity Jane

At 90-years-old, Doris says she’s still going strong! “Oh, I have my little aches and pains now and then, like everyone. But I’ve truly been blessed with good health,” Doris tells the mag.

“I love to be outside, walking along the beach or working in my garden. Those things are all quite enjoyable for me. I have everything I could ever want right here in Carmel!”

For her 90th birthday plans, Doris will hold a “doggie fashion show to showcase local rescues that need homes” on April 3rd at the Cypress Inn, the pet-friendly hotel she owns in Carmel.

But in characteristic style, the superstar refused to make this event all about herself, insisting it also be a fundraiser for her charity, the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

“I’ve never been a fan of celebrating my own birthdays,” she tells Closer, adding that “helping animals has been a lifelong passion. They give us unconditional love and ask very little in return.”

doris day

“All I ever wanted in my life was to get married, have kids, keep house and cook, and even though I did all these things, I still ended up in Hollywood,” she jokes . “It was a great trip. I’ve had an amazing life and wonderful times. And I’m happy!”

For more from Doris Day including several never-before-seen photos of the star, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now.