Doris Day is gearing up for a very special Christmas!

In an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, the iconic star’s manager, Bob Bashara, revealed how the famous 92-year-old plans on spending the holidays this year.

When asked if Doris sings around the piano on Christmas, he gladly replied, “Well she does yes. She still sings around the house all the time. Believe it or not she sounds great!”

doris day getty images

Doris singing by the piano in 1963.

“We keep telling her she could record if she wanted to,” Bashara continued. “We keep telling her, I say to her ‘Doris you still sound great!’ But you know she doesn’t think she does. She’ll say she’s rusty.”

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So for now, sadly, the only people who will hear Doris’ memorable voice are her friends that are coming to her house to celebrate Christmas this year. “They have dinner planned for Christmas day. She has a friend from LA that is coming up. There are a couple friends right there in Carmel, CA that are coming over,” Bashara revealed. “So she has two or three friends that will be over Christmas. So they’ll have a quiet day together her and her friends.” The group has ordered dinner from HoneyBaked Ham and will have an assortment of homemade sides to enjoy together.

doris day getty images

Doris in 1963.

Once the holidays are over, the “Sentimental Journey” singer will spend the rest of the year replying to the fan mail that’s covered her kitchen counter one by one. Bashara shared, “She will thank everybody. Sometimes it takes two or three weeks to get to them all, but she does send a thank you note to anyone that sends a letter or a donation to the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

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“She was saying a lady from Germany just sent a whole bunch of goodies and a donation to the foundation. So Doris answers all of those. She sends a personal thank you note to them,” he concluded. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?