Rest in peace, Don Rickles.

Just one month before the legendary Hollywood actor sadly passed away on Thursday, April 6, Don exclusively opened up to Closer Weekly about his amazing career and turning 90-years-old in his final interview.

“Honestly, I didn’t realize it — all of a sudden I was 90,” he told Closer. “The years skipped by quickly. When it happened, I said, ‘Where did the time go?’”

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Don in June 2016.

“I don’t practice or write stuff down — everything I do onstage was just made up before I went on,” Don told Closer of his insult-laden act. “You can’t please everyone, but I’ve been fortu­nate in that my fans are in my corner.”

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Don didn’t set out to be a comedian. After serving in the Navy during World War II — “It changed my life and made me a mature man,” he said — the Queens, NY native studied acting at the Amer­ican Academy of Dramatic Arts. But he found great­er success with his quick wit.

“When I was at tem­ple affairs or any oth­er kind of function, my mother would say, ‘Get up there,’ and I was always able to make people laugh,” Don told Closer. “Little by little, I started to take it seriously.”

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Don in 1960.

“Whether it’s 10 people or 300 people, an audience is still an audience,” the comedy icon said. “If people keep showing up to see you, then it’s still a high.”

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“At 90, I’m still going pretty damn good,” he told Closer. “And it’s nice because I have no plans to slow down.”

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