We didn’t see that one coming!

The highly-anticipated Dirty Dancing remake aired on Wednesday, May 24 — and critics can’t seem to get over how different the ending was from the original 1987 film!

Back when Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze) fell in love at the Kellerman Resort, their love story concluded with the entire cast dancing in unison to the song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” Despite all the troubles and confrontation they faced throughout the film, the open ending of the original proved they could all get along, move on, and grow despite the circumstances they faced.

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The conclusion of the ’80s flick also left a lot to the imagination of the viewers. While many probably assumed the teenage summer love story didn’t make it much past the resort, we still never got a look at the life of Baby and Johnny after that talent show — and we’ve been wondering how they ended up for the past 30 years (literally).

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Until now, that is! Last night’s revival was not well-loved by Dirty Dancing fans. While many have claimed poor casting and to put it bluntly, the cheesiness of the whole thing, most still can’t get over the surprise ending ABC tacked onto the TV musical.

patrick swayze jennifer grey r/r

Jennifer and Patrick in the original Dirty Dancing.

Unlike the original, the reboot ended by showing Baby (Abigail Breslin) and Johnny (Colt Prattes) years later in life. And spoiler, they don’t end up together! In the flashforward, we see that Johnny ended up being a star on Broadway in NYC in a show about the former couple’s summer love story (called Dirty Dancing, of course). Dissimilar to Johnny, Baby was a married woman with a cute younger daughter.

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Worst of all, from the vibes in the scene, it seemed the two hadn’t seen each other in years (did they want us to think they still had a connection?). In the last moments, Johnny prompts his former love to “keep dancing”. Sigh.

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