Diane Sawyer is world-renowned for her exclusive interviews with everyone from various US presidents to pop culture icons like Michael Jackson. But Diane’s husband, Mike Nichols, sees her as much more than a famous journalist.

“Mike would say I’m the world’s best sandwich-maker, which I believe I truly am,” the ABC News anchor shares in an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal. And it’s the little things in life, like an appreciation for sandwich-making that makes their 25-year-marriage work.

Well that and Mike’s many romantic gestures. “He’s much more romantic than I am,” Diane reveals. “He put little notes in my sock drawer or in my suitcase before I leave for a work trip.”

And the reporter admits that though she leads an action-packed TV existence that includes stylists and make-up artists, the 68-year-old and her hubby are happy to leave behind the glamour when they’re at home, though sometimes Diane goes a little too far, according to Mike.

Commenting on her choice of clothing when she’s off duty, Diane shares, “Mike asked me once, ‘Would you just please wear the newer sweatpants?’ I thought that was the most tragic comment he has ever made to me. But I went ahead and put them on anyway.”

For someone as hard-working as Diane, we think she deserves to have a favorite pair of sweatpants, no matter how old they may be!