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Fans Rejoice! Debra Messing Reveals New Details on the ‘Will & Grace’ Reboot

Will & Grace is making a comeback — and Debra Messing couldn’t be more thrilled!

The 48-year-old recently sat down with to chat about her new partnership with CoolSculpting — the hot (or should we say cold) new trend that helps reduce unwanted fat in a non-invasive way — and of course, the Will & Grace revival!

News of the reboot came shortly after the cast of the show reunited back in October for a political-themed sketch. The nine-and-a-half minute video created so much buzz that the network decided to pick it up for a 10-episode revival, which will begin shooting this summer.

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“[I’m looking forward to] laughing every day. I know that I took it for granted when we first started doing the show,” she told us. “We laughed every single day and it really is an amazing thing to be so close as a cast and to truly enjoy each other and respect each other and to play with each other… just to sort of enter back into that will be a blast.”

Debra said that her close relationship with her co-stars Megan Mullally, Eric McCormack, and Sean Hayes is what really solidified her decision to return to the show.

“It will be 11 years since we have done [Will & Grace] and worked together, so it’s going to be exciting and weird, sort of surreal,” she told us.

“As much as our lives have certainly gone on and we’ve done all different kinds of things — we’ve done Broadway plays and other TV shows, and Megan tours with her band, and we have very full lives — it’s like the thing that brought us together (Will & Grace) is such an integral part of who we are that I think we’re family and it feels like coming home,” she explained.

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We are family…I got all my sisters with me.

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It feels a lot like family for Debra’s son Roman, too — who was born in 2004, and spent a considerable amount of his early childhood with the cast and crew.

“He was on the set when he was four months old and he thinks of the cast as his uncles and aunts,” she said. “So he’s all ready. He’s like ‘When can I come on set?'”

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Now, Roman is 13 years old and regularly shows up in his mom’s Instagram photos, where she documents all of the crazy things they do together (like riding all of the roller coasters at Disney World). And while it may feel like he’s grown up in the blink of an eye, Debra is savoring his tween years.

“Ever since he came into my life I have continually been doing new things just to be able to explore the world with him,” she said.

“The tween period is fascinating,” she continued. “You really see them starting to put on the teen armor and trying it out with the way they talk and the way they walk. He’s a really good kid, and I trust him implicitly and so it’s a privilege to get to watch him grow into the world.”

So sweet! The mother-son duo has also been able to bond over Will & Grace in recent months, something that Debra has said they’re watching together now that he’s finally old enough to appreciate the humor.

“I hadn’t watched it for years and years and to sit next to him and watch it… there are things that I do not remember doing,” she laughed. “Because of the process, we learn our lines but once we get on set, they’ll rewrite 25 percent of it. So they’ll come up and say, ‘Cut this, cut this, say this line’ and we’ll say it once and it will be on TV. So often I’ll be surprised by something [I said] and get a laugh. It’s fun to watch it.”

debra messing and her son
Getty Images

Debra and her son Roman, 13, at the 32nd Annual Women of Achievement Awards Gala in March 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

And while a lot has changed in the actors’ personal lives in the past 11 years, fans can’t help but notice how similar Debra’s looks have stayed. Talk about aging gracefully! The actress credits CoolScultping as part of the reason why she feels so confident about her body. The non-invasive fat-freezing treatment targets stored fat that never seems to go away no matter how much you diet or exercise.

“It works, it really works. I want to shout it to the world like, ‘You guys will not believe this. [Your fat]’s frozen and then it slowly leaves your body. It’s incredible!'” she said.

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Other celebrities like Molly Sims have raved about the non-invasive treatment as well — proving that there’s no shame in needing a little extra help to get your body ready for bikini season. Or in Debra’s case, ready for the camera.

We can’t wait to see the single mom step back into her role as Grace and transport us back to the early 2000s. And who knows, maybe her son will be making a cameo, as well! When we posed the question, Debra responded “Shhhh!” Seems awfully mysterious to us!

Check out the gallery to see what the cast of Will & Grace looks like now.