Grief struck the world when Debbie Reynolds, 84, and her daughter Carrie Fisher, 60, passed away within one day of each other. These women had powerful acting legacies that will never be forgotten by fans of their work, a fact evidenced by just how many Star Wars, Halloweentown, and Will & Grace viewers are still curious about their lives.

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Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, and her daughter Billie Lourd on the red carpet.

One popular question that has many still confused about the Reynolds’ family lineage: Is Debbie Reynolds related to 81-year-old Burt Reynolds? And what about the Ryan Reynolds guy — where does he fit into all this?

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We know — it’s confusing when celebrities have the same last names. Keep reading for a breakdown of the Reynolds’ family tree.

No, Debbie Reynolds — who had been married three times throughout her life, to Richard Hamlett, Harry Karl, and Eddie Fisher — was not related to Burt Reynolds. Debbie gave birth to two children, the late Carrie Fisher, an actress and mental health advocate, and Todd Fisher, 59.

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“We took this huge loss,” Todd told Us Weekly after the death of his mother and sister. “They were no small girls. They were no small change. When they left the planet, they left a lot of people kind of shaken. And we’re no exception to that.”

Burt, who was previously married to Loni Anderson and Judy Carne, only has one child: Quinton Anderson Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds, 40, isn’t related to either Reynolds. His parents are Ines and James Reynolds. There is absolutely no proven familial ties between these three actors.

In recent years, the actor has seemed to be overtaken by illness. Despite walking with a cane and appearing unrecognizable on the red carpet, an insider assures Closer that Burt has “a lot of living left to do.”

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Burt on the red carpet with his pal Robert DiNiro on April 22.

Previously, Burt told Closer that he’s thrilled to have hit the 80 mark. “I’m happy… because the alternative is pretty grim!” he said. “I don’t feel my age. It’s just a number.”

Though he isn’t biologically related to Debbie Reynolds, he does share an interesting connection to her family. Debbie’s daughter Carrie Fisher, who famously played Princess Leia in Star Wars, almost co-starred alongside Burt, as he previously revealed he was asked to play Hans Solo.