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Inside DC Universe, The Only Superhero Streaming Service — Fans Are Gonna Love It (EXCLUSIVE)

The competition between various streaming services, from Netflix to Disney and beyond, is definitely increasing, and one of the interesting things that’s starting to happen is that new entities are popping up attempting to appeal to a more niche, or focused, audience. One of them is DC Universe, from the company that brings us the adventures of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman in comic books and on film. Housed in the service will be a combination of products from the DC library as well as new live action and animated original series. 

Rob Kamphausen, the Head of Product for Warner Bros.’ Digital Labs, explains in an exclusive interview, “What we’ve been working on for the past year or so has centered around, ‘What is a way that we can speak to all the fans at the same time?’ There are different types of fans. Some are looking for nostalgic content that they grew up with, or new content being produced now. There are comic book fans versus video fans. There are all of these different worlds, but it even goes further than that. There are fans of merchandise, cosplay fans, and fans that like engaging or debating each other. So we wanted to see if we could build an experience, an app, that would wrap all of that together and make sure that we’re speaking to every fan at once.” 

DC Universe

“We want to own your days and your nights; we want you to get lost in this,” he adds, and something about his voice tells us that he’s not exactly joking. “It’s a rabbit hole-type world where you just find something, watch something, binge something. When you get to the home screen, there’s a slight intent for this to be a little bit overwhelming, because you want users to know this has everything. As you scroll down, you’ll see it’s row after row of different content, but very quickly the rows change shape, size, color, and orientation. The idea is, again, to emphasize the variety of content that you can explore.”

When DC Universe launches on Sept. 15, it will be available for iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, the web, and a variety of TV platforms. The cost is going to be $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year.

What follows is a guide to what fans can expect from DC Universe, from original programming to comics, and a lot more — scroll down to check it out!