On the five-year anniversary of Davy Jonesdeath at age 66, his daughter Annabel Jones, 28, talks to Closer Weekly exclusively about their unbreakable bond and how Davy empowered all four of his daughters.

Davy’s daughters had different moms (Sarah, 45, and Talia, 48, were from Davy’s first marriage to Linda Haines, and Jessica, 35, and Annabel were from his second wife, Anita Pollinger), but they all share a close bond and a lot of great memories of their dad.

davy jones daughters getty images

Davy with Annabel and Jessica.

“He very much wanted us to be women of the world — to be sophisticated and educated. It’s quite sweet,” Annabel tells Closer. “I realize how much he tried to empower us. He was really focused on that.”

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“He also had us learn how our cars worked so we could change a tire. He wanted us to know how to do things ‘like men would do,’ and I think that’s really powerful. He never wanted us to be at a disadvantage.”

“He encouraged us to be outspoken. ‘Know your rights,’ he’d say all the time,” Annabel recalls. “The way things are in the world politically these days, that lesson feels louder in my head than ever before.”

davy jones daughters getty images

Davy with Talia, Sarah, and Annabel.

His daughters still miss him terribly, too. In 2012, the same year he died of a heart attack, they founded the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation to care for the herd of largely retired racehorses the lifelong horse enthusiast had rescued.

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“Without sounding super cheesy, I think he’d probably say that his daughters were his biggest accomplishment,” Annabel tells Closer. “We’re all very independent, driven, outspoken girls — women now — and we’ve all forged our own paths. He always liked strong women, and he raised them. He’d feel that was a big achievement.”

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