On June 4, David Spade was enjoying watching The Bachelorette and cracking jokes on Instagram. When he woke up the next day, his whole world had shattered. News broke that Kate Spade, world-renowned designer and the wife of his brother Andy Spade, had died after committing suicide. He was devastated by the loss, and one week later, he found a beautiful way to honor her.

“More people suffer from mental health issues than we may realize but no one should ever feel ashamed to reach out for support,” he told People, also revealing that he sent $100,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). “If you or anyone you know is in need of help or guidance please contact the national suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-8255 or go to nami.org to learn more and help those who may be in need."

David shared a touching tribute to Kate one week earlier after learning of her untimely death. "Fuzzy picture but I love it," he wrote on an image of the pair looking at each other and giggling. "Kate and I during Christmas family photos. We had so much fun that day. She was so sharp and quick on her feet. She could make me laugh so hard. I still cant believe it." David was clearly blindsided by the news that Kate had taken her own life, and he pleaded with fans to avoid the same. "It's a rough world out there people, try to hang on," he ended his message.

Many celebrities sent their love in the comments. Whitney Cummings sent hearts to her friend, while Kate Beckinsale wrote, "lots of love to you and your family. I'm so sorry this has happened." Jessica Alba wrote, "I'm so sorry David," while Cindy Crawford sent prayer emojis. Our heart goes out to David and the rest of the family in this devastating moment.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.