Just days ahead of his final Late Show with David Letterman appearance, David Letterman has revealed his finale guest will be… Bill Murray!

The 64-year-old Ghostbusters star was the obvious choice to help bid farewell to his friend Dave, 68, this Tuesday — one day before the show’s last episode on Wednesday, May 20 — as Bill has already guest starred on the show an impressive 43 times over the last 33 years.

bill murray and david letterman

Bill and David on Late Show in August 2013.

Bill’s first appearance with the host was on David’s program Late Night with David Letterman — an NBC talk show which ran from 1982 until 1993 — on Feb. 1, 1982. He then served as the star’s Late Show debut guest on CBS on August 30, 1993.

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“Billy showed us from day one how it could be, how free the show could be,” Late Show bandleader Paul Shaffer said in a new interview.

bill murray and david letterman

Dave and Bill on Late Night in 1984.

“There’s only a small handful of people that can have a conversation with Dave on a certain level, who are really his equal. To see Dave and Bill Murray, two comedy icons who share a mutual respect and genuinely like each other… hang back and have a conversation is in some ways better than anything we can prepare,” the show’s executive producer Rob Burnett said of the dynamic pair.

Bill is set to appear on Late Show on Tuesday, May 19. David’s final show will air on Wednesday, May 20 at 11:35 pm on CBS.

The Associated Press first reported this news.