So heartbreaking. Just four days after David Cassidy’s death, his estranged daughter Katie Cassidy is breaking her silence. David — who was best known for his role as Keith Partridge on the classic 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family — passed away on Nov. 21 at 67 years old after he was hospitalized for organ failure. Now, his daughter took to Twitter to express her gratitude to fans who sent their condolences and she even revealed what her father’s last words were.

“Words can’t express the solace our family’s received from all the love [and] support during this trying time. My father’s last words were ‘So much wasted time.’ This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute…thank you,” the 31-year-old wrote.

David had been ill for at least two months before he was rushed to the hospital and was placed in intensive care for liver and kidney failure last week. The actor and musician had a long history of alcoholism — which could be the reason for his kidney and liver failure — and just earlier this year, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with dementia. Even though David’s alcohol abuse drove a wedge in between him and his family members, they all gathered around him during his final days.

“There had been many family issues because of his alcoholism, but they are all reuniting in support of him. He was delighted to see them,” a source close to the star revealed to People.

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But David seemed to regret his past behavior, especially because it cost him a relationship with his only daughter. He admitted in a 2009 interview that he no longer had contact with Katie or her mom, former model Sherry Williams. But he said that he is proud of Katie, who went on to become an actress herself and starred in TV shows like Gossip Girl and Arrow.

“I wasn’t her father. I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her. She has a completely different life,” he told People. “[But] I’m proud of her. She’s very talented.”