GROWING UP, I WANTED TO BE A P.I. “I read a lot of crime novels when I was a kid,” says Dana Delany. “And my favorite character on television was Honey West. I wanted to be her. In fact, I was her for Halloween. I had a little mole and everything.” 

I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT TRAVEL “I love going to Europe. I’ve been to most of Southeast Asia. Paris is probably my favorite city of all,” says Dana. “I’d like to take a year off and just be a vagabond and go from place to place without any set itinerary — just kind of go where I feel.” 

I’VE NEVER BEEN MARRIED Her parents’ divorce when she was 16 had a lasting effect on the actress. “It definitely changed me, it changed my perspective on things. It made me feel like marriage wasn’t that important,” she says. “It took the pressure off.” 

I LOVE MY AGE “I’m just learning to appreciate life and not worry about stuff,” Dana, 67, tells Closer. “Just relax, enjoy yourself. My favorite thing is to get home at night, pour a glass of wine and watch TCM.”

I FACED MY FEAR ON TULSA KING Her character, Margaret, is an affluent equestrian… which posed a little problem for Dana. “When I was a kid, a horse rolled on me and I have this fear,” she admits. “Chloe Webb, who was in China Beach with me, has become a horse therapist. I booked a session with her. And I really got over it! I ride in the show!”