For actress Linda Gray, coming home to a cozy, low-key space after a long day of filming is her idea of living in luxury — and she loves it! The Dallas darling opens up her bright and sleek condo to Closer Weekly to show how perfect the two-bedroom, two-bath Dallas high-rise is for her.

linda gray 1

“I’m in a Zen period of my life,” Linda tells Closer. “Things are very clean, not complicated and not cluttered.” Her new apartment, where she lives for half the year while shooting Dallas, could not be more fitting, as it conveys a relaxed ambiance with features that are anything but over-the-top.

“At night, it’s so beautiful. I come in here after a day’s work and just turn off all of the lights,” she tells the mag, on newsstands now.

linda gray 2

Not only is it “the perfect place” for her newfound Zen, but Dallas itself also allows her to soak up the spirit of the city and appreciate the new cultural institutions and parks around her. “This place couldn’t be better, and I couldn’t be happier.”