Though The Chew sadly ended after seven seasons in June, one of the hit ABC show’s stars, Clinton Kelly, exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that he still keeps in touch with his co-hosts Michael Symon and Carla Hall today. 

“We text each other all the time,” Clinton, 49, told Closer during a chat to promote his new partnership with Sargento, adding that the trio uses their group text “nonstop.”  

Clinton also gushed that he, Michael, and Carla have “so many” fond memories from working on The Chew. “When it got down to Michael, Carla, and I there was something about when it was just the three of us. Almost every day we would crack up laughing, like belly laughter,” he exclusively told Closer. 

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The Emmy-winning star added that the funniest moments the trio shared happened when he accidentally “misspoke about something” on-air. “I was [once] talking about like cocktails and we were doing a bar crawl and I think I said something like ‘next stop is a gay bar’ and I didn’t mean to say that,” Clinton hilariously recalled. “And Michael was like ‘did you just say gay bar?’ And we were laughing so hard, the three of us, we couldn’t breathe!” 

For his latest project, Clinton teamed up with Sargento to promote National String Cheese Day on Thursday, Sept. 20 and, while working with the brand, realized that Americans have very strong opinions about the way they eat their string cheese!

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“Sargento is revealing America’s peeling versus biting preferences, so they commissioned a really fun study and this is the kind of thing that fascinates me because I feel like people have such strong opinions about this kind of thing which I find like hilarious and amusing. So when they asked me to be apart of it I was like, of course, I love Sargento string cheese. I eat it all the time so yes please,” Clinton told Closer

In case you were wondering, Sargento’s survey of 1,500 people showed 64 percent of cheese-lovers like to peel their string cheese because it’s more fun while 36 percent like to bite their string cheese since it seems less weird than peeling it. The more you know, right?!