A lot of people reminisce about the past, but it seems like the top supermodels of yore are missing it the most!

Claudia Schiffer talked in a recent interview about the distinct “flair” of the ‘90s and how she misses the creativity it inspired.

“There were a lot more personalities in the ’90s—wonderfully creative, no boundaries, that Isabella Blow craziness,” the supermodel said of her heyday. “The flair of the ’90s is missing now.”

The blonde beauty shared how much the industry has changed since then. “The difference is that today it’s very professional, people don’t want to waste time and are always thinking about the budget,” said Schiffer.

“Back then, it was more theatrical, there was champagne everywhere, everyone hung out. On shoots, someone would open a bottle of red wine at lunch.”

claudia schiffer

’90s supermodels Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington & Elle Macpherson

The 43-year-old acknowledged the uphill battle that today’s models face in a more competitive world. “We dominated because it was all about fashion models then,” she reasons.

“Actors and singers weren’t in campaigns or on the covers of fashion magazines…A model can be successful for two seasons and then gone,” she tells Britain’s Marie Claire magazine.

Schiffer isn’t the first model to fondly remember the old days. Jerry Hall recently commented on how things like the Internet have greatly impacted the modeling industry.

“It has changed a lot because when I was a model there weren’t things like the Internet,” says Hall, who reigned supreme in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

“We had a lot of time backstage to chat and joke around. We had much longer, more relaxed lunches. Every model had a distinct personality they showed off,” she shares.

Do you agree that we’re lacking the “flair” of the ’90s? Share your thoughts in the comments!