Hollywood’s classic leading men came in a wide variety of heights. While some like Mickey Rooney hated being on the shorter side, John Wayne reveled in his 6-foot-4 frame that was even higher in cowboy boots. From shortest to tallest, here’s how the actors’ heights measured up.

Mickey Rooney: 5-foot-2

He was the biggest box-office draw from 1939 to 1941, but Mickey “didn’t want to be short. I tried to make up for it by spending more money than I made and dating tall, beautiful women.”

Bing Crosby: 5-foot-7

When asked if he ever yearned to be taller, Bing quipped, “Sure! Particularly when I’m with a tall leading lady. I could do with 6 feet very nicely.”

Paul Newman: 5-foot-10

After a columnist once questioned Paul’s height and offered him $1,000 for every inch he measured over 5-foot-8, Paul called his bluff by asking for $100,000.

William Holden: 5-foot-11

“I am big. It’s the pictures that got small!” As Bill stood a foot taller than she did, Gloria Swanson’s line in Sunset Boulevard is a little ironic.

Clark Gable: 6-foot-1

At first, Clark’s height was “considered pretty high up.” Later, he observed that “an actor under 6 feet is considered a runt!”

Cary Grant: 6-foot-2

He towered over the likes of Grace Kelly and Myrna Loy, but Cary wasn’t self-conscious. “I’m myself. The most difficult thing is to be yourself.”

John Wayne: 6-foot-4

According to El Dorado costar Robert Mitchum, “Duke was 6-4, but he wore 4-inch lifts and a 10-gallon hat.” The reason? “He said, ‘You gotta keep ’em Wayne-conscious.’”