We’re so happy to hear this! Two days after Chrissy Teigen rushed her beloved English bulldog to the emergency vet because he was suffering from heart failure, the 31-year-old star has revealed Puddy has returned home and is doing well. “My baby is back! Bulldog, you made me cry harder than any other living being ever has. My old man monster, I love you,” Chrissy updated fans on Twitter on Tuesday, Nov. 14. “He does have a tumor on his heart and he’s basically a 70-year-old man-beast but I am so happy to have him home right now.” Watch the video below for more info on Puddy’s health!

Earlier this week, Chrissy took to social media to share Puddy’s scary health story. “At the emergency vet with my old man bulldog, Puddy. Please send him happy doggy thoughts — my first born baby,” she tweeted. The model later returned to the micro-blogging site to further explain the situation. “[He has] heart failure but he is stable at the moment — not sleeping tonight, that’s for sure. Thank you.” Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, are also pet parents to French bulldogs Penny and Pippa.

Puddy’s emergency vet visit comes just weeks after Life & Style magazine revealed Chrissy and John — who welcomed one-year-old daughter Luna in April 2016 — are expecting their second baby. “Chrissy’s mom was overheard saying, ‘My daughter is so emotional these days because she’s pregnant,'” a source told the publication last month. Around the same time, it was revealed that Chrissy and John were in counseling, and welcoming a new addition “should give them a huge reason to make the marriage work.”

“[The baby] will just be a Band-Aid. They’ll need to do a lot more work on their marriage if it’s going to last,” the insider continued. “Chrissy loves John and wants to make her marriage work.”