We’re seeing less of Chevy Chase these days — not just because the National Lampoon and Community star’s on-screen roles have become scarce in recent years, but because he has lost a lot of weight. In fact, one report has claimed the 74-year-old actor has shed 110 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, and new photos of Chevy seem to corroborate that assumption!

According to Radar, Chevy once weighed 300 pounds but has lost more than a third of that weight through a combination of surgery and rehab. “He went to rehab for the second time to deal with his alcoholism,” a source told the site. “The word is he also went in for gastric bypass to limit the food he eats.”

chevy chase weight loss getty images

The insider continued, “Slowly but surely, the pounds melted away, and he lost 110 pounds. It’s true he’s looking slimmer than he has in decades. Getting sober was key.” Just check out the two photos above — on the left is Chevy as he appeared at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, and on the right is him and wife Jayni Chase at this year’s fest.

The source added that Chevy decided to take drastic measures after “hitting rock bottom,” adding, “He was grossly overweight by more than 100 pounds, and that was making his battle against the bottle so much harder.”

Diet expert and Park Avenue Diet author Dr. Stuart Fisher also told Radar that Chevy looks better than ever, but he also warned that gastric bypass surgery “doesn’t erase all the previous damage” Chevy may have done to his body. “Any heart disease or circulatory problems caused by his dietary indiscretions are permanent,” Dr. Fisher said.

The comedian — who’s also famous for his roles in Caddy Shack and Hot Tub Time Machine and for being one of the original Saturday Night Live cast members — hasn’t appeared on screen much over the past few years. But the good news is he’s filming the comedy The Last Laugh with Richard Dreyfuss and Andie MacDowell, and he has two other big-screen comedies — Federal Offense and The Ogilvy Fortune — in pre-production. Seems like a healthier Chevy is ready for his third act!