Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 US Presidential election to Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up quite yet.

In a new interview, the politician’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, revealed she, her mother, and her father, the former President, Bill Clinton, are continuing to remain optimistic and hands-on even though their family didn’t make it into the White House for a second time.

“Everything we believed before the election, we still believe,” the former First Daughter told Refinery 29. “Everything we worked so hard for, we have to continue to work hard for. It requires engagement in our own communities.”

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Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill in February 2016.

“What do we do in the small world of our own lives? How do we ensure that we are being the best parents, friends, citizens that we can be in our own day-to-day interactions?” Chelsea added. “And then how do start from that place to then engage in the wider world?”

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The mom-of-two then encouraged Clinton supporters to take their negative feelings about the results of the election and enforce them into positive change in the near future. “Use those emotions to engage and organize and advocate to protect and advance what you think matters most,” she advised. “Whether that’s combatting climate change, or protecting women’s rights, fighting against gun violence, or advocating for LGBTQ equality.”

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Hillary and Donald in October 2016.

“We want young people to set goals they can really reach,” Chelsea concluded. “Not goals that are unambitious, but goals that are achievable. If you achieve a goal today, and a goal tomorrow, ultimately you’re able to get where you want to be.”

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The 36-year-old spoke out on what’s next for her family just days before Donald officially takes office. As previously reported, Hillary, 69, and Bill, 70, will attend the Inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20. So supportive!