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11 Characters You Never Realized Were Played by Twins

Over the years, we’ve marveled at how kid actors manage to stay so calm and well-behaved for their on-screen roles. In a sense, it was almost as if we were watching mini adults on our TVs. However, little did we know that most of these popular characters were played by twins and triplets!

For instance, remember Little Ricky from I Love Lucy? The role was actually played by twins named Joseph and Michael Mayer! And you know the toddler who currently plays D.J.’s son, Tommy, in Fuller House? That’s right. He is actually played by brothers named Dashiell and Fox Messitt! And according to their mom, Kacy, having both babies on board can be an extra special experience.

fuller house

“When they started at seven months old, they didn’t even know how to crawl. And in the process of doing the show they started crawling and started walking. So [there were] a lot of milestones while they were working,” said the boys’ mom, Kacy Andrews.

We’re so glad they got to share their milestones with the rest of the cast!

Other popular shows have also tricked us by secretly casting identical siblings, but what intrigued us the most was their behind-the-scenes stories!

Check out our gallery to see which roles were played by more than one person!