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When Richard Dunn created a music video to Celine Dion's cover of "All By Myself" during his overnight stay in the Las Vegas airport, he may not have expected the diva herself to be watching!

But not only has the legendary singer seen the tape — and called it "hilarious" — but she's responded with a video of her own!

"Next time you're stuck all by yourself at the Las Vegas airport for hours and hours, please be my guest at my show," said the star, who has a residency at Caesars Palace.

She also added, "And by the way Richard, you're more than welcome to use my bathroom!"


Richard's journey to internet fame began when he found himself stuck at McCarran International Airport.

"I thought…I’ve got my phone and an empty movie set, let's see what trouble I can get into," he said of the ingenious idea.

By using luggage tape, a wheelchair and a variety of moving walkways, Richard made the masterpiece below!

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.