Sagging ratings. A revolving door of cast members. Personality clashes. These days, it seems that
The View — formerly ABC’s crown jewel of daytime programming — would need a miracle to turn things around.

Recently, the situation nearly went from bad to worse when rumors surfaced that Whoopi Goldberg, 59, the show’s moderator for eight years, was threatening to leave.

whoopi goldberg 'the view'

Whoopi with past and present ‘The View’ co-hosts.

“Whoopi wanted to do a sitcom for the network instead,” a source reveals to ‘Closer.’ “But [‘The View’ execs] made it clear that they intended to enforce her contract — which still has two years on it — because she lends an air of familiarity to the show. They need her to steer the ship on a better course.”

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That’s a tall order, to be sure. But now that Whoopi has recommitted herself to her role, she and her fellow remaining season 18 comrades — conservative politico Nicolle Wallace, 43, and firebrand actress Rosie Perez, 50 — are prepared to move heaven and earth to restore the chatfest to its glory days.

'the view'

‘The View’ co-hosts recently celebrated the show’s 4,000th episode.

“The hard question people are asking is, ‘Has The View’s day come and gone?’” says the source, noting that Whoopi and Co.’s pride is riding on the answer. “They’re not only fighting for their jobs, but their legacy — they don’t want to be the ones on board if the ship goes down.”

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